Eve’s Sword from “Livia”

The 20th episode of season five of Xena: Warrior Princess, “Livia”, is pretty enormous. It’s sort of a soft reboot for the series; jumping ahead 25 years so that Xena’s child, Eve, is now a young woman. The episode has to re-introduce older versions of Joxer, Meg, and Octavius, introduce a new Argo, a son for Joxer, and Livia, Champion of Rome. Of course, Livia is Eve.

Adrienne Wikinson as Livia/Eve

I bought this sword on eBay in 2019. It was originally sold in the Turner’s auction.

It’s a beautiful piece. Like other other similar props, it is made from rigid foam around a metal rod. There’s a great close-up of the hilt in the episode so you can see that my prop has some paint wear.

I love this sword because it’s such a prominent prop in the episode: the sword of Xena’s daughter! It’s used in action against both Ares and Xena.

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