Eye Candy: Brad Pitt in Troy

I mostly liked Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy.  He certainly looked the part.  Pitt always has a problem keeping accents consistent and this movie is really bad for that but otherwise he did a pretty good job with it.

Eye Candy: Orlando Bloom in Troy (2004)

Orlando Bloom had already made a splash on the big screen as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and as Will Turner in the first Pirates of the Caribbean Film when, at age 27, he began filming Troy.  He had also starred alongside his Troy co-star, Eric Bana, in 2001’s Black Hawk Down….

Eye Candy: Eric Bana in Troy (2004)

Eric Bana achieved his first fame in America in 2001 with Black Hawk Down.  He went on to star in Hulk in 2003 and then in Troy the following year.  He was 35 when Troy was being filmed in 2003.  I think he did a great job as the Trojan prince, Hector.

Hera Animation Cel

Here’s a great animation cel from my collection.  This features Hera (Joy Watson) from Hercules and Xena-The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus (1998).  I purchased this from the Art Storm Gallery. I really like the design of Hera for this film.  They did a good job working in the peacock motif that was…

Unfinished Alti Dagger from “Between the Lines”

Here’s a great item from my collection.  This was originally sold as part of a lot of weapons at the Turner’s Pacific Renaissance auction in 2001.  I purchased it from a member of the Xena Prop House. It is an unfinished resin dagger of the style used by Alti (Claire Stansfield) in the fourth season Xena:…