Genki Wear Pon Farr Perfume

Genki Wear has released a new fragrance for women as part of their Star Trek line: Pon Farr.

Pon Farr is, of course, the Vulcan time of mating.  Genki has created a pretty clever marketing campaign for this fragrance featuring images from the seminal TOS episode “Amok Time” and taglines like “Drive Him Crazy.”  

I can’t vouch for the fragrance itself but Vulcan fans and collectors will want to pick this up for the bottle alone!  The whole package is very groovy.  If you visit the official website you’ll hear some 60s-style lounge music as you read about the product.

It’s pretty reasonably priced (around $29.95 in most cases) and is available all over the Interweb and at a Star Trek convention near you!

I have included screencaps from the Genki Wear website for archival purposes only.  No copyright infringement is intended.

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