Review: IDW Alien Spotlight: Vulcans

In 2007, IDW began publishing a series of comics called “Alien Spotlight.”  The second issue to be released featured the Vulcans.  It was written by James Patrick from a story by Rick Remender and features art by Josep Maria Beroy and colour by Mario Boon.  Four different covers are available:

The story takes place on the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Pike shortly after Spock joins the crew as science officer.  It deals with the human crew members’ difficulty accepting Spock and his Vulcan ways.  It’s a bit reminiscent of the TOS episode, “The Galileo Seven” in which Spock’s logic puts him in direct confrontation with his Human peers.  In this case, Spock’s logic and ability to contain his emotions, impress a race engulfed in civil war and help lead them on a path toward peace.

The art is highly stylized.  You can tell who the characters are supposed to be but they don’t really resemble the actors who played them on-screen.  Beroy did a great job recreating the early Starfleet uniforms and Landing Party gear.  I think my favourite cover is the “A” even though it has nothing to do with this particular story.  I love the movie-era Vulcan design with the Maggie Schpak-style armour.

Thematically, this story doesn’t cover any new ground.  It is interesting to explore the period when Spock first joined the Enterprise.  Overall, I give this book three out of five stars.

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