Review: Star Trek Magazine The Vulcan Chronicles

Issue 28 (September 2010) of Star Trek Magazine is subtitled “The Vulcan Chronicles.”  It features short biographies of several important Vulcan characters including Spock, Sarek, Tuvok, T’Pol, Saavik, Surak and T’Pau.

For the most part, these articles are pretty basic but they’re good introductions for people who are not yet die-hard Trekkies.  I enjoyed Margaret Wander Bonanno’s piece on Sarek and Scott Pearson’s piece on Saavik.  Allyn Gibson also manages to shed some light on the enigmatic (and non-canonical?) Sybok.

Each article features comments from the actors who portrayed the character and sometimes an excerpt or description from the script.  Also, handy for completists, each article includes a list of “Further Adventures” in which these characters appear.  It lists the novels and comic books which expand the on-screen adventures.

This issue might not reveal anything new for die-hard Trekkies but it is diverting and a must-have for Vulcan collectors.  As seen above, there are two possible covers to collect.

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