Purple Priestess Hat

I won this cool Vulcan priestess hat in week 114 of the IAW Star Trek auctions on eBay.

Like the last one I received, this one arrived on the original styrofoam head it has been stored on for the past 25 years or so since it was used in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. Inside the hat, is a matching Paramount tag reading ‘6-1.” Hopefully, someday I’ll match this to a costume.

Purple Hat 03

This hat is similar in style to my white priestess hat. Maybe this taller style represents a special order. This hat can be seen in Spock’s fal-tor-pan ceremony being worn by a Vulcan priestess in the procession.


She can also be seen standing with T’Lar’s guards behind Scotty’s head.


The purple felt is in fantastic condition and the “jewel” looks great!

Purple Hat 04

The IAW auctions on eBay have been stopped now for a few weeks so this may be the last item I win directly from them. If it is, it’s a good one to go out on!

Purple Hat 05


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